Review and Giveaway: Baltic amber teething necklace by Amber for Babies

Ans wearing an amber teething necklace.

Ans wearing an amber teething necklace.

Amber for Babies sent me a Baltic Amber teething necklace in December.  I’ve had Ans try it out for about a month now, and I’m so pleased with it that I’m partnering with them for a giveaway, ending on January 31st at midnight (CST).

Before we get to how to enter, let me tell you why I love it.  Besides the hippie necklace cuteness, of course.

Because we do this in my family.

Because we do this in my family.

EB had some major teething issues: drooling, crankiness, gnawing on various parts of my body, etcetera etcetera.  I gave her the natural teething tablets that dissolved in her mouth, but it seemed like such a temporary solution and I wasn’t sure if it was even numbing the source of the pain.  I thought about getting her an amber necklace a little too late – she already had 20 teeth by the time I started researching.  When Ans started teething (she now has 8 chompers), I looked high and low on the Intertron, but I wasn’t sure what kind to get.  I knew Baltic amber was the oldest kind and had the highest concentration of succinic acid, which is released by the warmth of skin.  It is known to heal all sorts of ailments, including fighting off infections and reducing inflammation of the throat and ear.  I also wanted to make sure that if I put a necklace on a wiley baby that wouldn’t break or become a choking hazard if the beads came off.

Serendipity was looking my way, because right after I got lazy and never ordered anything because there were too many options and I was broke because of Christmas, Amber for Babies offered me  a necklace to review.  It’s the perfect length at 12″, has a screw-on clasp, and the extra-strong thread is knotted between the beads.  I’m telling you, Ans has put some downward pressure on that thing when she’s creeping up on a nap screaming and I’ve got two more errands to run in the car.

I was worried that Ans would hate wearing the amber necklace because she rips out hair ties and clips and won’t wear socks, gloves, or hats for more than 30 seconds.  For the most part, Ans lets it nestle against her skin under a shirt.  She does occasionally chew on it, but again, I haven’t been in fear of her breaking it at all.

She hardly notices wearing the amber necklace at all.  As opposed to how much I notice a baby in front of me on the table when I'm working.  (Read: A LOT.)

She hardly notices wearing the amber necklace at all. As opposed to how much I notice a baby in front of me on the table when I’m working. (Read: A LOT.)

So if you’d like your very own amber necklace, enter this giveaway HERE.  There are a few caveats: you have to like I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown on Facebook, and you have to follow ISWTGBlog on Twitter.  You can up your chances of winning by commenting below and tweeting about the giveaway (up to once per day).  You can also follow Amber for Babies on Facebook and Twitter for even more chances to win.  You have until the end of January!  I’m excited about my first giveaway and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Giveaway Jells.


UPDATE: Emily from The Waiting won!  Congrats!

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19 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway: Baltic amber teething necklace by Amber for Babies

  1. I have a 3 month old, who from day 1 has had his fist in his mouth, munching away. Sometimes he’ll leave the nipple just to munch on his own hand during a feeding!!! I know I’ll be in dire need of a teething necklace very soon when those teeth start popping up. My first child never took to it – his pain tolerance is so high that I guess teething never bothered him, but this one is so different! I really could use one and have always been so curious about them! Thank you!

  2. Well, I don’t have twitter, but I like you on fb and here’s my comment. :) My 7 month old just got her first tooth, so this would be great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I always buys these for friends w/babies. My daughter had/has one (she’s nearly 5 now and she still likes to wear it just because it’s pretty.) They really are beautiful, and I think of it as something she’ll be able to pass on to her own kids someday.

  4. I’ve heard from multiple mother friends o’ mine that these things really work! I was skeptical, but I actually haven’t heard a bad review of them! And they’re so stylish! Can’t believe how big A2 is! Such a sweet little lady.

  5. Teething was such a nightmare for C. It was the first time I really saw the devil inside emerge. If we ever make another baby, I am sooooo going the amber necklace route. Until then, if I win, I am going to be passing this along to my pregnant besfrinn ;D Thanks, Jells!

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