I’m a 2013 Austin Birth Awards Winner!

Please forgive the lapse in blogging; I just got back from an actual vacation (as opposed to my staycation a few months ago where Hubs and I ended up working the whole time anyways).  Big stuff happened while Ans, Hubs, and I traipsed around Exton, PA, and NYC.

Hubs and me at the wedding.

Hubs and me at Sean and Yasmin’s wedding in Exton, PA.

Sean and Yasmin.  Wuv, twue wuv.

Sean and Yasmin. Wuv, twue wuv.

I knew I would be out of town for the 2013 Austin Birth Awards ceremony because of Sean and Yasmin’s wedding, but I figured it would be a worthwhile tradeoff.  Part of me assumed I would just be missing out on stalking/girl-crushing on my midwife, Liane MacPherson, who would be there, nominated for 2 awards.  (Thanks to Liane for giving me the text of the night, telling me I won!  Why are you so cool?)  If I didn’t have such a good excuse, our best friends’ wedding, there was no where I’d rather be than getting a free dinner in some clean and dressy clothes, wearing dangly earrings and my hair down because I wouldn’t have a baby yanking on either.  Even though I wanted to go, part of me just assumed I wouldn’t win.  I mean, I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now and every other WordPress blog friend I’ve made has (rightfully) been Freshly Pressed.  I wondered what would be different about this, except it was in real life, up against local and more-trafficked peers, for me to feel real disappointment when or if I didn’t win.  I harassed you people, my dear friends of the Intertron, to vote for me a few times, sure.  But let’s be honest, this was a big deal, and I never win anything.  I have no trophies to speak of, at least none that say anything more worthwhile than “Most Improved Runner Up.”  I have no I’m-number-one paraphernalia.  I am happy with mediocrity, but very often I crave the recognition that I am occasionally, pretty good at something.

todaysmamaI have been contributing to Today’s Mama with quasi-monthly posts, like the one I forgot to promote before I went out of town on a corn maze we had a blast at, which you can check out HERE.  I have yet to see any of the cents I will get once enough people click the links, but I am hopeful that blogging could lead to paying one bill.  Like the gas bill.  That would be nice.  Right now it’s another thing I feel guilty about that I don’t have more time to cultivate and grow.  I am using that energy to grow my family business, and am pleased that it has kept us busy enough to support the family without me having to get a second job like the last two years.

Regardless, I have loved writing this blog, and the half dozen or so posts I’ve done for Today’s Mama.  I have appreciated my time reflecting on my stories, especially on my vacation colored by fall leaves, celebrating my 33rd cupcake in Central Park with most of my family (EB called me first thing from Granny Camp, singing to me and then humming to me, which she learned how to do while we were away).  Because that’s what this platform is – a place for me to tell stories.  I reflected on the tone of voice that I use to be my family’s storyteller and am proud that it is full of joy, with only mild sarcasm.  I do not focus on that which has gone wrong – I find humor in the little things. And with kids, there are so many little things that just sparkle with joy.  I enjoyed being pregnant, sharing that with y’all, and keeping the journey imprinted on the Intertron for posterity.  I also enjoy chocolate.

My bday present - we went to 30 Rock to get Jacques Torres chocolate.  I picked out all 36 pieces of perfection.  I also just finished the last ep of 30 Rock and want to cry a little from how perfect the show was...

My bday present – we went to Rockefeller Plaza to get Jacques Torres chocolate. I picked out all 36 pieces of perfection. I also just finished the last ep of 30 Rock and want to cry a little from how perfect the show was…

So thank you for voting for me for Best Local Pregnancy Blog.  I am thankful for those of you that followed my blog these two years, have liked me on Facebook (and thanks for all of the new likes this week!), and kept up with me on Twitter and now Instagram.  I’m also grateful for you new-comers – welcome to ISWTG!  I feel like we have a community of people that love life here.  And most of all,  I appreciate whoever it was that first nominated me!  Who was it?  Tell me!  Because of you…



Happy Halloween, from my little cupcake!  I’ll have a pic of the whole Cupcake Family later.  (Oh, Hubs, you live with a bunch of girls.  You’re a good sport for playing along).

EB in sprinkles at school this morning.

EB in sprinkles at school this morning.

Tell me what you’re dressing yourself and/or your kiddos up for Halloween!  It’s my favorite of all of the favorite things.

Appreciative Jells.


6 thoughts on “I’m a 2013 Austin Birth Awards Winner!

  1. Congrats, you’re amazing! We’re doing a Tangled theme! The hubs is Flynn Rider, I’m Rapunzel and K will be Pascal the chameleon! My first pattern sewing job turned out GREAT!

  2. So proud of you Jells! Looks like you had so much fun in NYC and I’m glad you got to treat yo’self! Eebs is the cutest little cupcake in all the world.

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