Ask Mama Jells: Where do babies…?

EB asked where babies come out yesterday.  Not where they come from, thank goodness.  I don’t know if I’m ready to answer that one yet.  But where they come out?  I thought this was a great question.

I asked her what she thought.  Eebs pointed to her belly button region and said, “from your belly.”  I concurred, yes, a baby grows in a belly, but more accurately, in a woman’s uterus.  And that they come out of a vagina.

She has often said Ans came out of her belly, and for some reason I feared she thought a baby would come out of her “pagina” at any time, so like I explain with my newly returned period (after a year!), she wouldn’t be able to  have a period or a baby until she was 15 probably, like her mother, and when she was 30, also like her mother.  After she went through puberty.  And yes, all of this is what I’m explaining to a 3.5 year old.

EB, the brilliant fashionista, yesterday at school.

EB, the brilliant fashionista, yesterday at school.

I wondered if showing her a video on youtube would be helpful or create therapy-worthy issues later on.  Hubs thought the latter, so I searched “videos about childbirth for kids.”  Do you know there is not one video of this nature?  The closest I could find was THIS ONE, but I wonder how much EB retained.  Maybe all of it, for all I know.  She wanted to watch the animated delivery again, but it was at bedtime, and that’s usually how we go down the rabbit hole of youtube with a toddler.  She knows how to stall going to bed is what I’m saying.

This morning I asked her if she remembered where babies come out.  She said her belly again.  I prodded further, and she said her “pagina.”  EB also brought up the belly casts on the wall, and how both she and Ans were in me and I pushed each of “my daughters” out.  I reiterated that it was more of a push like pooping, and not kicking her out of my uterus.  That I waited until they both were nice and ready, when and only when each of them told me they were ready.  Not a second sooner.

belly cast hung on the wall.

Belly cast of Ans. Find my how-to HERE.

She remembered!  And now she’ll be telling everyone at school about it, I bet.  I’m going to have that kid.  Hubs and I always joked that we’d have one of the two kids from the movie Parenthood (great movie BTdubs): Steve Martin’s kid, who runs into the wall with a bucket on his head over and over, or Rick Moranis’ kid, who is a mini-genious.  I’m hoping for genius, but I’d be ok with a little bucket-bonking for good measure.

Have you talked to your kiddos about giving birth?  Do you explain it in euphemisms or are you upfront about proper medical terms?  If you’re in Austin and want to hear me at a storytelling event called Testify: Creation this Friday, Sept 27 at 8 pm, I’ll be sharing the time I had a second kid at the Salvage Vanguard Theater.  (No creepers, please.)  Don’t worry, for adults I still explain how babies come out with words like “cooters” and “boobs.”

Mama Jells.


9 thoughts on “Ask Mama Jells: Where do babies…?

  1. This was an education video for me. Don’t know what EB got out of it but I would let it rest. My daughter was about five when she asked a similar question and I explained, similar to what you said. The first time she walked away bored with too much information. At about six, she had been talking to her friend Jamie, a boy, also six, and she asked me again. She had forgotten our first talk. and gave me this look when I repeated the same spiel. What came out of her mouth had me gaping. “A baby can’t come out of that little hole.”

    That’s all I remember. :-) I guess they take in what they want when they want.

  2. Nice work, mama! I’m all for giving kids accurate information in a manner they can understand for their age. Although, I think my husband and I kind of dropped the ball the first time my daughter asked how babies were made. We were caught off guard and literally just changed the subject on her. Fortunately, she asked again, and I was ready that time.

  3. I think I have an edge here (maybe) in that I’m planning on talking about how the doctor helped “unzip” me to take the baby out. I can avoid “paginas” altogether.
    Now as to how the baby got there in the first place….

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