Listography: Cartoon Characters from my Youth

I go through phases of watching TV.  We’ve occasionally had free cable when we were smart enough to try the existing cable jack.  It’s during the free-cable periods that I lost the part of my brain that allowed me to have conversations with people, especially ones that didn’t involve the story lines of my programs.

As a kid, my mom didn’t have cable.  On Saturdays and during the summer after swim team, I religiously watched cartoons.  This is where the TV coma first started for me.  Right now I’m out of a TV watching phase so I can speak as though I’m above it – but I think it’s because Vampire Diaries and Revenge are on hiatus.  Now that I think about it, I have a couple of Sunny’s and Dexter’s that need watching…wait, what was I saying?  That I don’t watch TV?  Right.  Exactly.

Kate at Kate Takes 5 has another Listography Challenge, which I think are fun little exercises that bring together the blogging community.  So here are my five.

1.  The Dick Tracy Show.  I loved the movie and my cousin MW wrote a couple of scripts for an action hero called John Danger.  So when the cartoons came up on reruns in ’90, we were all about them.  Even though they were overtly offensive towards Asians and Hispanics.  They were from the 60’s and you just had to look the other way for a minute.  Even at 10 I didn’t think that part was funny.  But the rest of it, YES.

Image from Share TV

2.  X-men: The Animated Series.  I might have a crush on Wolverine on the new movies.  NOT Hugh Jackman, don’t be silly.  Only when he plays this particular character.  The seed was planted from my brother’s comic books that I would swipe, and then this cartoon didn’t help.  I thought he was the coolest.  Although Gambit wasn’t too shabby.  It was the early 90’s and cartoon crushes were way safer than human crushes.  And about as likely, from my experience.

Image from Guys Nation

3.  Snorks.  I can’t remember one effing thing about them right now, but I remember screaming at my brother if he tried to change the channel.  Maybe it had something to do with my love for swimming and the beach.  Or that they were so darn cute.

Image from Voltrons

4.  Thundercats.  Hoooo!  I still have some action figures in my mom’s attic.  I’m not sure about the new franchise they’re trying to reboot.  This blog talks a little about it.  There was a lot of crotch going on in these 80s cartoons, no?

Image from What Culture

5.  He-Man/She-Ra.  My bro is letting me swipe his Castle Greyskull for EB when she gets old enough to appreciate the glory that is He-Man.  Bedtime staples include my She-Ra book.  Oh man, this site gives a synopsis and great pics.  Why didn’t I have a Crystal Palace?!  After watching ridonk videos with friends this weekend, I realize that He-Man might be a smidge on the gay side.  Funny, I never noticed as a kid.

Image from Off My Bird Chest

Go back to Kate’s Blog and link your own Top 5 cartoons for funsies.  Or tell me in the  comments because I like that sort of thing.

For the honor of Greyskull,


14 thoughts on “Listography: Cartoon Characters from my Youth

  1. My fave was, of all things, Darkwing Duck. When it was in its prime, I was in 4th and 5th Grade, and I honestly thought Darkwing’s banter was the height of witty satire. I may or may not have stored away every word he said in my memory banks to use on my sisters.

    But did anybody ever see the cartoon called “The Racoons”? It was Canadian, so it may not have had much airtime in the States. And that would be no loss, because in my opinion, it was the most depressing show EVER. I mean, even more depressing than Degrassi! The theme song alone had the power to tear my 5 year-old psyche to shreds.

  2. Thunder Cats, He-Man and X-men were all favourites of my brother’s so I use to watch them as well, and secretly loved them (bbut just didnt tell him that when he moaned I was watching something too girly!).

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