EB’s Birth Story. Part 1.

Taking turns comforting the loud birthing lady.

When EB was born, it was to a room FULL of people.  I didn’t really plan it that way, but it organically turned into a huge group that thankfully had really strong hands.  I had planned on EB’s future madrinas being there, SD and Maru, and my mom and my MIL.  And Hubs.  That’s 5 people who were going to see my cooter.  Then it turns out another bestie was in town celebrating her anniversary with her partner, and she, too, was preggo.  Make that 7.  And the Hubs’ aunt was in the waiting room, wishing she was in on the action.  It seemed silly to exclude her from the action at this point (I HATE being excluded).  So 8 people, plus my awesome midwife.  That room was crowded…I think.  But I wasn’t really paying attention since I had other business to attend to.  In my cooter.

My water broke a little after 1 am on April 19, 2010.  I was asleep and it made me JUMP out of bed and book it to the potty.  Very easily to confuse with peeing, but I had never had a pee-explosion wake up before.  We were all prepped with our hypnobirthing classes and knew to wait till contractions were regular and only a couple of min apart.  I was going to have this kid without meds NO MATTER WHAT.  From a very young age it was drilled into my brain that the meds you take during labor are sent to your fetus, so there are a whole list of drawbacks:  a) groggy baby, b) you can’t walk around during or after the birth, c) huge likelyhood that once meds are introduced it will lead to a medical birth (pitocin – epidural – episiotomy – cesarian).  I could do this, and I never had a inkling in the back of my mind that an epidural was even a possibility.  Because once you have it as a backup, there’s no way in hell you would stick to your guns.  All that I was thinking during labor was “I said no meds…for some reason. But I don’t remember why.”  You know, something to that effect in a more caveman like inner voice.

We had called the OB/GYN practice (2 OB’s and 3 midwives on rotation so I had met anyone who would treat me–no surprises like a lot of stories I had heard) and they said come see them when the office opened if I could make it, then I didn’t have to wait around or get admitted if I wasn’t in full on labor (24 hrs tops starting from admittance is standard hospital policy).  At 3 am we call the future grandmas and tell them to start driving to Austin.  My mom groggily asks if she should work and then drive up after work.  Hubs has to call her a couple of times to fully get her attention.   6:30 am rolls around and Hubs tells me he’s packing the car.  I am having an intense time and was progressing very quickly.  Everyone said you’d know when it was time.  I can be oblivious:  I didn’t know I was pregnant, didn’t admit it was my water breaking, didn’t know I should get in the car pretty soon.

Lights off, no talking, push as HARD as humanly possible on my back, please. And that's my blankie from home.

Hubs calls the superfriends on the way and explains for me that I’m afraid that I’ll be distracted by worrying how I’ll look in distress (you don’t say pain in hypnobirthing) and try to hide it from them.  Or something.  I don’t like to even cry in front of other people, how would I deal with this?  Apparently I wouldn’t give an eff.  We get to the hospital and Hubs frantically brings me in, and let it be known the poor guy left the car door ajar and our battery died, and someone in the parking lot hit our bumper.  Whaaaat.  They send me right in with no waiting, no triage, I looked like I was in labor.  BTdubs, screw hospital gowns, I got a black stretchy little number for $10 at Walmart that would let me breast-feed and be comfortable.  I still wear it and there are no baby stains.

I have a birth plan that I got through the hypnobirthing folks and made some adjustments based on how many people might be in there, and what I wanted from them.  No offering epidurals.  Encourage me to move around.  Don’t make me labor on my back.  Don’t cut my cooter if I don’t need it.  Etc.  Well, I get stuck on my back because I’m afraid to move.  The first midwife on call sends me to the shower and it helps SO MUCH.  People show up during this and I come out nude to a group of people with their backs to me.  I laugh a little–in my head.  I’m deer in headlights right now, can’t talk.  I am saying the alphabet in my head, visualizing the letters as I say them, seeing them in Capitols, lower case, cursive, anything to keep my conscious mind occupied and my subconscious mind can do it’s business of birthing.  And I have a ton of back labor, so everyone was involved in massaging me.


See pt. 2 because this is getting LONG.

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